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M4 lenses

Brief Description:

M4*P0.2 endoscope lenses suitable for up to 1/4” sensors

  • Endoscope lenses
  • 1/4″ Image Format
  • M4*P0.35 Mount
  • 6mm Focal Length


Product Detail

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Model Sensor Format Focal Length(mm) FOV (H*V*D) TTL(mm) IR Filter Aperture Mount Unit Price
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M4 Lenses with M4 thread refer to camera lenses that have a standard M4 thread mount. M4 thread is a metric screw thread commonly used in mechanical assemblies and has a diameter of 4mm.

In the context of camera lenses, M4 thread mount is typically found in smaller, compact lenses used in point-and-shoot cameras, CCTV cameras, and other similar devices. These lenses are generally not interchangeable and are designed to be used with specific camera models.

If you are looking for lenses with an M4 thread mount, you should first determine the specific camera model or device you are using and then check if the manufacturer offers compatible lenses with an M4 thread mount. Alternatively, you can search for third-party lenses with an M4 thread mount that are compatible with your camera.

CHANCCTV has several M4 mount lenses available, including:

  1. M4*P0.2 Wide Angle Endoscope Lens 2mm 120 Degree Compatible with 1/4″ Sensors
  2. 6mm M4 Lens 1/4″ 38 Degree for Small Devices


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