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We provide a wide variety of lenses as well as custom made ones to serve different markets, but not all of them are on display here. If you don't find the right lenses for your applications , please contact us and our lens experts will find you the most suitable ones.

Automotive Lenses

  • M8 M12 Mount 4K High Resolution Wide Angle Lenses for Automotive Application

    4K Automotive Lenses

    • 4K Wide angle lens for automotive cameras
    • Up to 1/1.8″
    • M12 Mount Lens
  • All Glass Optics M12 Wide Angle Lenses With Short TTL for Vehicle Front View

    Front View Camera Lenses

    • Wide angle lens for automotive front view
    • 5-16 Mega Pixels
    • Up to 1/2″, M12 Mount Lens
    • 2.0mm to 3.57mm Focal Length
    • 108 to 129 Degrees HFoV
  • M12 Wide Angle Fisheye Lenses Compatible With 1/2.7″ Sensors for Car Rear View

    Backup Camera Lenses

    • Compatible for 1/2.7″ Image Sensor
    • Support 5MP resolution
    • F2.0 aperture (customizable)
    • M12 Mount
    • IR cut filter optional
  • High Resolution M12 Wide Angle Lenses for Dash Cameras

    Dash Camera Lenses

    • Wide angle lens for vehicle recorders
    • Up to 16 Mega Pixels
    • Up to 1/2.3″, M12 Mount Lens
    • 2.8mm to 3.57mm Focal Length
  • 360 Surround View Camera Lenses

    360 Surround View Camera Lenses

    • Fisheye lens for automotive surround view
    • Up to 8.8 Mega Pixels
    • Up to 1/1.8″, M8/M12 Mount Lens
    • 0.99mm to 2.52mm Focal Length
    • 194 to 235 Degrees HFoV
  • Short TTL Auto Driving Lenses Come in M8 and M12 Mount for ADAS

    ADAS Lenses

    • Auto driving lens for ADAS
    • 5 Mega Pixels
    • 1/2.7″, M8/M10/M12 Mount Lens
    • 1.8mm to 6mm Focal Length