Drone Cameras

A drone is a kind of remote control UAV which can be used for many purposes. UAVs are usually associated with military operations and surveillance.

However, by equipping these relatively small unmanned robots with video production device, they have made a great leap in commercial and personal use.

Recently, UAV has been the theme of various Hollywood films. The use of civil UAVs in commercial and personal photography is increasing rapidly.

They can preset specific flight routes by integrating software and GPS information or manual operation. In terms of video production, they have expanded and improved many film production technologies.


ChuangAn has designed a series of lens for drone cameras with different image formats, like 1/4’’ , 1/3’’, 1/2’’ lenses. They features high resolution, low distortion, and wide angle designs, which enable users to accurately capture the actual situation across a large field of view with only little distortion on the image data.