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1/2.3″ Scanning Lenses

Brief Description:

  • Scanning Lens Optimized for Close Working Distance
  • 10 to 20 Mega Pixels
  • Up to 1/2.3″, M12 Mount
  • 4.55mm to 6.5mm Focal Length
  • 60 Degrees HFoV


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Model Sensor Format Focal Length(mm) FOV (H*V*D) TTL(mm) IR Filter Aperture Mount Unit Price
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1/2.3″ series scanning lenses are wide angle low distortion lenses designed for 1/2.3 inch image sensors such as MT9J003.The ON Semiconductor MT9J003 is a 1/2.3-inch CMOS active-pixel digital imaging sensor with an active pixel array of 3856 (H) x 2764 (V) including border pixels. It can support 10 megapixel (3664 (H) x 2748 (V)) digital still images and a 1080 p (3840 (H) x 2160 (V)) digital video mode.

Features of MT9J003:

• 1080p Digital Video Mode
• Simple Two-wire Serial Interface
• Auto Black Level Calibration
• Support for External Mechanical Shutter
• Support for External LED or Xenon Flash
• High Frame Rate Preview Mode with Arbitrary Down-size Scaling from Maximum Resolution
• Programmable Controls: Gain, Horizontal and Vertical Blanking, Auto Black Level Offset Correction, Frame Size/rate, Exposure, Left–right and Top–bottom Image Reversal, Window Size, and Panning
• Data Interfaces: Parallel or Four-lane Serial High-speed Pixel Interface (HiSPi) Differential Signaling (Sub-LVDS)
• On-die Phase-locked Loop (PLL) Oscillator
• Bayer Pattern Downsize Scaler
• Integrated Position-based Color and Lens Shading Correction
• One-time Programmable Memory (OTPM) for Storing Module Information

The combination of highly resolution sensors and ChuangAn selected scan lenses allow high-performance vision systems to capture sharp images.

With their M12 mount, up to 10MP resolution, and as low as -1.0% lens distortion, chuangAn scan lenses are cost effective alternatives for applications that are price sensitive. It comes in a variety of lens apertures from F3.2 to F8. With great features, they fit optimally into many applications. For instance, QR code payment. QR code payment is a popular payment method nowadays where payment is performed by scanning a QR code. During the process of QR code payment, scan lens plays a indispensable role in reading the payment code. The high speed and precision of ChuangAn scan lenses in scaning QR code make payment easier than ever.

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