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M7 lenses

Brief Description:

M7*P0.35 mount lenses with less than 10mm TTL are designed for 1/4” sensors and scanning application

  • 1/4″ Image Format
  • M7*P0.35 Mount
  • 0.96mm to 6mm Focal Length
  • TTL<10mm


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Model Sensor Format Focal Length(mm) FOV (H*V*D) TTL(mm) IR Filter Aperture Mount Unit Price
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The M7 board lens is a type of lens designed specifically for use with M7 board cameras. These cameras are typically used in security systems and other applications where a small form factor is important.

A M7 lens is very small and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for use with board cameras. It’s designed to be easy to install and typically feature a fixed focal length, which means that they have a specific, non-adjustable focal distance.

M7 lenses are available in a variety of focal lengths, ranging from wide-angle lenses that capture a larger field of view, to telephoto lenses that allow for zooming in on distant objects. They are typically made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide clear, sharp images.

Overall, M7 board lenses are a popular choice for use in security systems, as well as in other applications where a small, high-quality lens is required.

CHANCCTV has several M7 lenses, including:

  1. 0.96mm M7 Lens 170 Degree Wide Angle for 1/4” Sensors
  2. M7 Mount Small Wide Angle Lens 170 Degree 1/4” 0.96mm
  3. M7*P0.35 Wide Angle Lens 1/4” 2.26mm 140 Degree
  4. M7 Board Lens 1/4” 2.9mm 115 Degree
  5. M7 Small Camera Lens 1/4” 1.05mm 142 Degree Wide Angle


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