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M5 Lenses

Brief Description:

  • M5 Wide angle Lens for 1/5″ Image Sensor
  • 5 Mega Pixels
  • M5 Mount
  • 1.83 mm Focal Length
  • 88 Degrees DFoV


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Model Sensor Format Focal Length(mm) FOV (H*V*D) TTL(mm) IR Filter Aperture Mount Unit Price
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M5 board lenses are lenses that can be attached to the M5 board’s camera module to capture images or video. These lenses can be used for a variety of applications, including robotics, surveillance, and image recognition.

The M5 lens typically have the following features:

  1. Small size: M5 board lenses are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to integrate into small devices and systems.
  2. Fixed focal length: These lenses have a fixed focal length, which means that they cannot be adjusted to zoom in or out. However, this also means that they can be optimized for a specific field of view and image quality.
  3. High resolution: M5 board lenses are designed to provide high-quality images with minimal distortion and aberration. They typically have a high resolution, which allows them to capture fine details and produce sharp images.
  4. Wide aperture: These lenses often have a wide maximum aperture, which allows them to capture more light and produce images with a shallow depth of field. This can be useful for creating images with a blurred background or for low-light photography.
  5. Low distortion: M5 board lenses are designed to minimize distortion, which can cause straight lines to appear curved or bent in images. This is important for applications such as machine vision and robotics, where accurate measurements and positioning are critical.

Overall, M5 board lenses are a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of applications, including machine vision, robotics, security and surveillance, and consumer electronics.

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