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1/2.9″ Wide Angle Lenses

Brief Description:

  • Wide angle Lens for 1/2.9″ Image Sensor
  • Mega Pixels
  • M12 Mount
  • 2.85mm Focal Length
  • 118 Degrees HFoV


Product Detail

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Model Sensor Format Focal Length(mm) FOV (H*V*D) TTL(mm) IR Filter Aperture Mount Unit Price
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CH375 is a M12 mount wide angle lens. It consists 6 precise glass optical lenses and offer a 118 degrees wide angle view.  It features large aperture which let in more light. It is optimized for 1/2.9″ sensor such as IMX323LQN-C.The IMX323LQN-C is a diagonal 6.23 mm (Type 1/2.9) CMOS active pixel type image sensor with a square pixel array and approximately 2.12M active pixels. This chip operates with analog 2.7 V, digital 1.2 V, and interface 1.8 V triple power supplies. High sensitivity, low dark current and no smear are achieved through the adoption of R, G and B primary color pigment mosaic filters. This chip features an electronic shutter with variable integration time.

Applications for CH375: Drive recorder, Smart home,etc.

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