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1/2″ Fisheye Lenses

Brief Description:

  • Fisheye Lens for 1/2″ Image Sensor
  • 12 Mega Pixels
  • M12 Mount Lens
  • 1.45mm Focal Length
  • 240 Degrees HFOV


Product Detail

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Model Sensor Format Focal Length(mm) FOV (H*V*D) TTL(mm) IR Filter Aperture Mount Unit Price
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CH3647 is an ultra wide angle lens with M12 mount, designed for shooting a 240 degrees view angle. It consists of 8 glass elements and features 12 mega pixel resolution and high image performance. this lens is ready to work in all weather conditions, as it is IP69 rating which means this fisheye lens is dust and water proof. It is capable of creating a 5mm high image circle on a 1/2’’ sensor.

Apart from focal length and image high, lens apertures and price are another two main factors to be considered before purchasing a fisheye lens. The aperture is responsible for determining how much light is allowed to pass through the lens and onto the sensor. CH3647 has a large aperture F2.0 which make it possible to work in low light conditions and capture subjects that are moving quickly.

CHANCCTV provides all these high quality fisheye lenses at low prices. If you are looking for a lens that can give you better performance without breaking your bank, Please come to us and we will find you the most cost-effective ones.

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