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M2 Lenses

Brief Description:

M2.2*P0.25 Mount mini lenses capture up to 120 degrees FoV, optimised for 1/9″ and 1/6″ sensors

  • Endoscope lenses
  • 1/9″ to 1/6″ Image Format
  • M2.2*P0.25 Mount
  • 1mm to 2mm Focal Length


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Model Sensor Format Focal Length(mm) FOV (H*V*D) TTL(mm) IR Filter Aperture Mount Unit Price
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M2 Lens with M2 thread are very small lenses that are typically used in electronic devices such as cameras, smartphones, endoscope and other optical instruments. The M2 thread is a standard metric thread size that is commonly used for small screws and fasteners.

If you are looking for lenses with M2 thread, CHANCCTV has several options available, including:

  1. M2.2*p0.25 mount 1mm F4.5 1/9″ endoscope Lens: This is a tiny lens with an M2.2 thread and merely 4.9mm TTL that is designed for use in medical endoscope devices, industrial endoscope devices and other small devices. It Provides up to 120 degree DFOV.
  2. 1mm F4.5 1/9″ 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens: This is another small lens with an M2.2 thread that is ideal for use in smartphones, drones, and other small electronic devices.
  3. M2.2 1.06mm F4.5 1/6″ Wide Angle Lens: This is a super wide-angle lens with an M2 thread capturing up to 120 degree HFOV, that is perfect for use in small endoscope devices and tiny electronic devices.

When purchasing lenses with M2 thread, it is important to make sure that the thread size is compatible with your device. Additionally, you should consider factors such as focal length, aperture, and field of view to ensure that you select a lens that meets your specific needs.

CHANCCTV has several M2 lenses, including:

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