What Is A Fixed Focus Lens? The Difference Between Fixed Focus Lenses And Zoom Lenses

What is a fixed focus lens?

As the name suggests, a fixed focus lens is a type of photography lens with a fixed focal length, which cannot be adjusted and corresponds to a zoom lens.

Relatively speaking, fixed focus lenses typically have a larger aperture and higher optical quality, making them suitable for taking high-quality photos.

The difference between fixed focus lenses and zoom lenses

Fixed focus lens and zoom lens are two common types of camera lenses, and their main difference lies in whether the focal length is adjustable. They have their own advantages when used in different application scenarios.

For example, a fixed focus lens is suitable for use in conditions of sufficient lighting, pursuit of high image quality, and relatively stable shooting themes, while a zoom lens is more suitable for scenes that require flexible zoom, such as sports photography.


The fixed focus lens

Focal length

The focal length of a fixed focus lens is fixed, such as 50mm, 85mm, etc., and cannot be adjusted. The zoom lens can adjust the focal length by rotating or pushing and pulling the lens barrel, allowing for flexible selection between wide-angle and telephoto.

Optical performance

In general, a fixed focus lens has better optical quality than a zoom lens because its design is simpler and does not require consideration of lens movement or complex optical structures. Relatively speaking, fixed focus lenses typically have a higher aperture (with a smaller F-value), which can provide better image quality, greater light throughput, and better background blurring effects.

But now with the development of technology, some high-end zoom lenses can also reach the level of fixed focus lenses in terms of optical performance.

Weight and volume

The structure of a fixed focus lens is relatively simple, generally smaller and lighter in size. The structure of a zoom lens is relatively complex, consisting of many lenses, so it is usually heavier and larger, which may not be very convenient for photographers to use.

Shooting method

Fixed focus lenses are suitable for shooting specific scenes or subjects, as the focal length cannot be adjusted, and appropriate lenses need to be selected based on the shooting distance.

The zoom lens is relatively flexible and can adjust the focal length according to shooting needs without changing the shooting position. It is suitable for scenes that require flexible changes in shooting distance and angle.

Post time: Nov-02-2023